Harry Styles has released his third solo studio album - Harry's House. Courtesy Photo

After calculating the ratings, this album gets an 8/10 for its beautiful melodies and touching lyrics. This album truly defines the star power of Harry Styles. Totally worth listening to.

Ever been to Harry’s House? This is an auditory experience.
After almost three years since Fine Line, former One Direction member Harry Styles has released his third solo studio album, Harry’s House. This all comes after he released the single, As It Was.

This album has 13 songs with a run time of 42 minutes. This project has a love-filled nostalgic vibe to it. Listening to the album start to finish, it sounds like a soundtrack to an Indie film. It is so pretty apparent that Harry had a lot of inspiration for this album. As Harry makes his comeback since the awakening of COVID, the energy from the studio sessions is radiated through these recordings.

As he and his band rock out, they’ve produced songs full of liveliness, such as Music For a Sushi Restaurant, Late Night Talking, and As It Was.

Sushi is the intro track to the album. He’s referencing having a conversation with a love interest, talking about how he loves her and he cares enough about her to be considerate of her feelings. This song could be for a sushi restaurant or even just for her. As an introduction, these songs are meant to set the tone for the rest of the album. This song truly defines what is expected.

In a similar fashion, Late Night Talking continues Harry’s plea of wanting to make sure his boo thing is satisfied.
The track As It Was references how the world has shifted after they’ve taken the next step. The chorus states, “In this world, it’s just us; You know it’s not the same as it was”. This being the fourth track, this was released two months prior to Harry’s House.

The songs Satellite, Daylight, Grapejuice, and Cinema release a calm and cheerful type of vibe. Like a chill summer day with a glass of white wine.

Daylight expounds more onto him going above and beyond for the one he loves. The song is fresh and fluorescent, and the drums in the instrumental really stand out on this one.

One thing is for sure on this album, the chemistry between the melodies and the instruments is astounding.

Although there are some nice fast-paced songs, this album also features some beautiful ballads like Matilda, Little Freak, and Love of My Life.

Little Freak talks about a moment he shared with someone referred to as Jezebel. Harry is interested in the girl as a person while Jezebel just wanted sex. He sings, “I was thinkin’ about who you are; Your delicate point of view.”

Matilda sounds more sentimental as he sings in the perspective of having a conversation. According to an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Harry’s inspiration for the song was based on him getting to know someone. He states, “they revealed some stuff to me that was very much like, ‘Oh, that’s not normal, like I think you should maybe get some help or something.’” He wanted to ensure that they knew he was listening even though he could not truly understand where she was coming from.

Listening to this album, there are many samples that give off an 80s pop sound. Most of these songs could be influenced by artists such as A-ha, Elton John, Paul McCartney, even Barry Manilow.

Overall, this album was a crisp listening experience. Harry wanted his fans to feel what he feels and to truly understand where his mind goes when he’s in his artistic motive. Although, there were a few songs that appeared somewhat stale and played more like fillers that doesn’t change how fluid the album is or how intimate the moments are.

After calculating the ratings, this album gets an 8/10 for its beautiful melodies and touching lyrics. This album truly defines the star power of Harry Styles. Totally worth listening to.

Top 3 Vibes: Satellite, Late Night Talking, Daylight

Top 3 Ballads: Little Freak, Matilda, Love of My Life

Mid 3: Boyfriends, Daydreaming, Cinema

Khi’s Top Picks: Late Night Talking, Love of My Life, As It Was

Music For a Sushi Restaurant – 8.5/10
Late Night Talking – 9/10
Grape Juice – 7.8/10
As It Was 8/10
Daylight – 7.7/10
Little Freak – 8.8/10
Matilda – 8.5/10
Cinema – 7.5/10
Daydreaming – 7/10
Keep Driving – 8/10
Satellite – 8.2/10
Boyfriends – 7/10
Love of My Life – 8.2/10

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