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As plans continue to get drafted, the campus wants to go all out for this We Can! Campaign.  September 12 through September 16, 2022, the school will be running the annual We Can! Campaign.

After 50 years of being open, Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) still continues to provide opportunities for the community and creates a people-friendly environment. 

With September being around the corner, the campus has developed their plans to give back to the students and the community. September 12, 2022 through September 16, 2022, the school will be running the annual We Can! Campaign. Members of the Foundation of OCCC, Juo Ting L. Jennings and Evelyn Schaefer, have contributed towards continuing this “employee-giving” tradition. 

What is this “We Can! Campaign”?

We Can! Campaign is an employee-giving campaign for faculty and staff of the college. Gives them the opportunity to make a donation to the Foundation to support programs and scholarships,” Schaefer explains. 

According to Jennings, “at the beginning, they were actually trying to raise the resources for the food pantry. And they were asking everybody to give canned food. So, they called it We Can…the campaign was very successful. So, we just used that name, and now, it is still We Can! Campus Employee Giving Campaign.”

This campaign’s origin roots back in 2007. And now, the funds contribute to many programs around OCCC. Such as various scholarships, the Food Pantry, the Clothes Closet, and more. 

That’s pretty cool, but how does it work? 

Schaefer states, “We do it in conjunction with faculty and staff and the college…we roll out a week of activities to let employees know what they could do…this is our opportunity to educate employees about that, and about what their options are. You may have a passion for giving to a particular scholarship. And somebody else may have a passion for the food pantry or the clothes closet. And so, the donor gets to designate where their funds are going.

Evelyn Schaefer, member of the OCCC Foundation. Courtesy Photo

During this time, employees on campus can donate as much money as they please toward any program at the school. The campaign is a non-profit event that goes through the school, giving back to the community in forms of helping the student body. 

“We have ad campaigns going on around campus, so everybody is aware that it’s going on. People can either fill out a paper form with their name and address and say I want to give this dollar amount to this cause. Or they could go online…we have a form online that employees could go to. And at that time, they pledge. So, we do this in September. If you pledge funds through payroll deduction, then you could say next year in 2023, I’m going to give $5 a paycheck. And that’s your pledge…we work with HR, and payroll processing. And $5 comes out of every paycheck and goes to the cause they have chosen. So, you could, in a way, enroll by filling out a pledge form. Or you could choose to give a one-time gift…you could say, I’m going to write this check or give you my credit card, or here’s cash for this, and then those funds also go to whatever you designate,” Schaefer expresses. 

What are the plans for this campaign? 

Since it’s the 50th anniversary, the Foundation decided to switch things up this year. This campaign is normally in November, but this September is going to be more of an extravaganza, so the campaign will get five dedicated days of celebration. 

Juo Ting L. Jennings, member of the OCCC Foundation. Courtesy Photo

“So far, we are going to have two snow-cone events…the campaign is going to be September 12th to 16th, the whole week. But our first snow cone event is going to be on July 7th. And then the second one is going to be in early August. The snow cone event is kind of like a kickoff to let people know that ‘Hey, We Can! Campaign is coming back.’ And remind people it’s time to review your pledge or to upgrade your gift…So it’s a whole week. So, every single day, we would have some activities for people to participate.” Jennings states. 

As plans continue to get drafted, the campus wants to go all out for this We Can! Campaign

How can employee chip in on this cause? 

Whether it’s a one-time payment or a payroll deduction, faculty and staff could always donate to any programs they desire.

“So they can support this campaign in many ways. We will have trendsetters, from the staff and faculty side. And their job is to help us to promote the event and encourage people to give. The main way they’re going to support us is definitely you know, by making a gift…it can be $5 a month, it can be $10 a month, and it’s just based on your ability. But every dollar that people gave us directly goes to our scholarships or programs. They can decide which program or scholarship they want to give… And the Family Foundation just manages those funds, and gives it out to the school,” explains Jennings. 

Schaefer continues, “we make it pretty simple so that when people sign up, all it takes is their contact information, how much they want to give and what program they want to give it to. And that’s when we do the rest. We’ve worked very closely with payroll to make sure that that the amount that they’ve designated comes out, it comes out at the right time, and then it goes to the right fund.”

There are many ways to support We Can! but the most impactful support comes from the funds. Whether it’s little or a lot, it all adds up and can make many great fortunes. 

The week-long events for WeCan! Campaign supports a nonprofit movement to benefit the education and lifestyles of the OCCC student body. 

Faculty and Staff should be receiving emails and messages about the upcoming events for this campaign. Be on the lookout for the free snow cones. Coming July 2022. 

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