Scissortail Park. Photo by Christian Brown

Volunteering is the first step to earning this reward. Up-and-coming events at Scissortail offer an excellent getaway for students who have grown tired of studying and want a little fun.

OCCC has many recreational opportunities, such as the gaming center above the library. It’s summertime, and some people may be searching for an outdoor opportunity to have an extraordinary time. Scissortail volunteers have worked hard to bring Oklahoma City Residents a remarkable park this summer.

Kaitlyn, studying nursing at Oklahoma University, went to the park for the first time. “It looks beautiful we were just admiring. There are so many flowers everywhere. The landscaping team or whoever does that is incredible,” she said.

Kaitlyn was walking with her friend Jordan. Jordan is studying Advertising at Oklahoma University. “This is actually my first time. I come to Oklahoma City a lot. But this is the first time in this like specific area,” she said.

The park is only three years old, built on September 27th, 2019. The park is 36 acres long, starting close to the river and ending next to the Botanical Gardens. It has a skate park typically rented out for events such as birthday parties or conventions.

It has a soccer field that leads up to a performance stage that plays nothing but free concerts. The performance stage is free to use if it isn’t reserved.

One of the most beautiful parts of the park is its picnic area. All around the park, there are statues and a variety of flowers. The flowers and figures combine to convince each wanderer to come off the path and into one of these picnic areas.

Each picnic area is surrounded by flowers, and many can be seen being used by a couple or family. Others are being set up by local businesses that design dates for a romantic evening.

The park also has a playground with massive obstacles and slides for children of all ages. A 30-foot-tall slide and rock climbing already set it aside from a traditional children’s playground.

OCCC thought scissortail was significant enough to be used on 28th, 2020. OCCC held an in-person information session to bring prospective students into the school.

The park has changed since then, though. The park continues to receive more renovations, but it cannot function all on its own. The lifeblood of the park is its volunteers. At any given time, one can see many volunteers at the park taking care of the flowers and ensuring the wildlife that calls the park home remains safe.

OCCC has a volunteer program called Civics Honors and Service Learning, in which one can graduate distinguished by completing volunteer hours within the community. Civic Engagement requires 30 hours of volunteer service. According to the OCCC website, it also requires the following: “Creating a portfolio with beneficial items for future educational and career endeavors, one required online mid-program assessment throughout your service program, completion of an online reflection of service-learning experience including submission of a resume and academic transcript, award with recognition at the Awards Ceremony and Commencement in the Spring.”

Volunteering is the first step to earning this reward. To volunteer for Scissortail, one must visit their website ( Once registered, you can start attending the events to help set up.

Up-and-coming events at Scissortail offer an excellent getaway for students who have grown tired of studying and want a little fun. One of those events is their annual “Fathers Day Festival” this June 19th. On the same day of the 19th, there is an “Oklahoma Arts Institute Summer Arts Concert.”

Whether you choose to volunteer at the park and earn your hours or you come with your family. Many people put hard work into making Scissortail a beautiful garden for all to come and enjoy.

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