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Student debt is the only debt that sticks with you your whole live and can be passed off on to your loved ones.

We are told since elementary school you want a good job you will need to go to college and get the skills you need to obtain a high paying job. But what they don’t tell us in elementary school is that college can become expensive and that you may occur some debt. When you’re in college it can at times be so demanding with trying to make the grades. And that the least of your problems some students may have to take out student loans to help them pay for books and classes. If your one of them students, then most likely you going to have student loan debt. Some students do not even make a plan on how the going to pay back their student loans. Student debt is the only debt that sticks with you your whole live and can be passed off on to your loved ones. Due to the laws on the books, you can’t even file student loan debt if you decide to go bankruptcy.

“Student debt in the United States is over $1 trillion dollars that’s more then half on what Americans owe on their credit card debt. Most of us uses or credit cards everyday for things like food gas. Student loan debt in our country keep growing making it number 2 behind mortgage loans. Students with out debt are more likely to gross over 70% more income then people with student debt. Students that have student loan debt also so have more credit card debt” ( 

“The cost of an college education have not ever been higher. This year new freshman class can be expected to borrow over $35,000 just to cover the cost of a bachelor’s degree. Beyond the overwhelming filling of student loan debt covid-19 have shed light on the increasing cost of college. The tuition fees for the academic year have increased over 1.5 percent. The fees for a four-year college have increased over 2% in the last year. Some students will have to borrow money to cover additional cost” (

So many students are finding themselves in debt try to pay for college. Brandon Hubble is 32 years old and have been living in Oklahoma for the last 15 years. He was a student at Oklahoma State University he borrowed $5000 from the feds because he didn’t qualify for FAFSA.

Brandon Hubble (Photo by Ardolia Jones).

“The sad part is I didn’t even graduate so I didn’t even complete college and it still tacked on to me and just the interest rate just kept going up and up and up. Unfortunately, it got into collections but then but then garnished wages. That was the only way they could get It back.”

Brandon Hubble has some advice for students that may be thinking about taking out a student loan to help them pay for school. “Make sure its exactly what you want to do and be confident in that decision. Otherwise try to get experience and try to find a trade and do something else the isn’t always worth it.”

Cristyeliz Castaneda (Photo by Ardolia Jones).

Cristyeliz Castaneda have been a student at Oklahoma Community College for one semester. She is majoring in per engineering Cristyeliz is an international student, so she does not qualify for student’s loans. This is what Cristyeliz had to say about student loans “I think student loans are tricky because they do help you. But then you have to plan ahead of time when you have to pay them back. When you have to start working and you know you have enough to cover yourself okay.

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