Brian Flannigan (Photo by Khi Davis).

When it comes to the hot weather, there are many categories of essentials, such as Crocs, short sleeves, hats, and even sunglasses. With that, there are many places to shop for these items. 

As the new season of 2022 arrives, this calls for a Summertime fit check. 

It feels like Summer in the streets with occasional rainstorms. Although the weather has been somewhat bipolar, the people know that Spring is pretty much over. And with that, wardrobes are beginning to shift. 

OCCC student Brian Flannigan arrived on campus rocking some tie-dye O-trip merch with some Adidas sweats and tied it together with a pair of Ultraboosts. With stripes on stripes and a vibrant color pattern, Flanningan pulls off this fit with a “casual” look that “had some thought put into it.” 

Brian Flannigan (Photo by Khi Davis).

He states, “I want it to look comfortable. But I also care how I look and want to be presentable to other people.” 

With the heat coming through, shorts are essential for this type of weather. OCCC student Jackie Garcia can be seen rocking a black long-sleeve shirt with some black shorts and walking on a pair of Adidas ZX 1K Boosts. During this season of bipolar Oklahoma weather, long-sleeves and shorts are an iconic duo. 

“I just wanted it to be like a quick day. So I just went ahead and threw that on.” Garcia states. 

No shame in quick outfits. Convenience is the new solace. 

Similarly, OCCC graduate and student worker Maggie Barnett is wearing a pastel peach crop hoodie with some black jeans and a pair of Hey Dude shoes. It’s always a vibe to be comfy and stylish. 

“So I wanted to wear something warm but still cool enough to work in. So that’s why I chose the crop top sweater…and the Hey Dudes are so comfortable. And they’re still stylish too.” Barnett explains. 

Who thought that clothing could complement a day’s plan? 

When it comes to the hot weather, there are many categories of essentials, such as Crocs, short sleeves, hats, and even sunglasses. With that, there are many places to shop for these items. 

Jackie Garcia (Photo by Khi Davis).

Garcia usually shops on Shien and likes to gaze through Target and various online shops. When it comes to essentials, she states, “shorts,…a nice pair of sandals, like some going out with and then just a regular pair for when you’re outside such as crocs…and nice t-shirts, especially the baggy T-shirts”. 

Flannigan identifies t-shirts, shorts, and sandals as essentials as well. He also likes to shop at Target, mainly for jeans.

“I go anywhere and everywhere. I am. I love Tilly’s, Zumiez, and Finish Line for my shoes. I get a lot of my pants from Target if I need to get a pair of jeans…Or even goodwill. And then there’s this vintage store, Dig It.”, he states. 

Barnett also sees shorts and sandals as necessary. Since she likes “to be in the water,” she also needs a pair of water shoes. In addition, she believes you “gotta have a good sun hat to protect your face.” Funny thing, she also likes to shop Tilly’s for shirts.  

“One of my favorite places to shop is Old Navy for my jeans, not really tops. I like Tilly’s. That’s a really nice place to get shirts. I really like shopping at places like art centers or small businesses, because I like supporting the local businesses more.”

As the heatwaves rise, it’s time to stock up. 

Maggie Barnett (Photo by Khi Davis).

Each time the seasons change, or after time passes, the fashion choices evolve. For instance, as the cold weather dissipates and the warm weather becomes more common, t-shirts and other lighter clothing articles become more trendy. This could be known as a seasonal fashion transition. 


It’s not unusual for Oklahoma to experience bipolar weather. The people here can live through multiple seasons throughout one week. But that doesn’t mean the people have a preference. For Barnett, she likes both seasons.

She states, “I like both of them. It’s like getting the best of both worlds like living in Oklahoma because you get to experience winter, and summer…I enjoy the surprise and I enjoy the changes. It keeps us on our toes.” 

On the other hand, Garcia and Flannigan prefer the summer. Since Oklahoma winters could consist of crazy ice storms, they favor the sun rays. 

Regarding fashion, both Garcia and Barnett prefer winter styles because of the comfort and convenience. Unlike Flannigan, who enjoys summer fashion more because of how “free-flowing, expressive, and colorful” the drip is. He believes it is “less restrictive.” 

Not every season is to everyone’s liking. Some may even prefer the Fall or Spring. As closets trade out long-sleeves for short-sleeves, the revealed skin of citizens receives rays of Vitamin D. And as the days of summer continue to flourish, the community will be ready to beat the heat.

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