Rex Orange County performing "Open A Window". Courtesy Photo

"Just to be that close to like, I don't know someone. You see them on social media all the time. But seeing them in person. It's just, it's just such an amazing feeling.”

As concerts come to Oklahoma, the people will show out for their favorites. 

Alternative artist Rex Orange County was recently at the Criterion for a sold-out concert for his tour featuring his newest album, WHO CARES?. 

He hadn’t released an album since 2019; this was his first time in Oklahoma. With his stage presence, he brought out the energy in everyone.

Fellow OCCC student Jasmin Chess attended the concert with a few friends and got pretty close to the stage. 

“It was an amazing, amazing time. Like, I did not want it to be over…We got so close. Even though whenever they had opened the doors like a bunch of people ran in. We were super close to Rex. I swear I made eye contact with him, like at least one time. It was so cool.” she states

Concertgoer Riley Bloye arrived with a few of his friends as well. Although he was in the back of the crowd, his height played a good advantage for him. 

“It was awesome…he’s such a great performer. And I saw a couple friends that I haven’t seen in a while because they came into town…he’s been like my favorite artists since I was like 16. So it was just really awesome to finally get to see him live.”, he expressed. 

The line to get into the venue was crazy. It stretched out to nearly over half a mile long. And to top that, the people experienced on and off rainstorms. Either way, it was worth it. 

Chess states, “it was definitely worth it…I stood out there for like about six hours. I met up with some of my friends who were there for a lot longer than that,…my friend was there since 10 AM. But it was so worth it though. I would not trade him for it”. 

Luckily, Bloye and his friends were only out in the rain for “about an hour and 20 minutes,” and they were accompanied by ponchos. 

Rex started his set off with the song MAKING TIME. As soon as those notes started playing, the crowd began screaming and chanting for Alex O’Connor. As he sang the first few words, the entire room was already engaged with him.

“Just to be that close to like, I don’t know someone. You see them on social media all the time. But seeing them in person. It’s just, it’s just such an amazing feeling.” Chess expresses

Rex performed 22 songs during his set. He played newer songs like KEEP IT UP, 7 AM, and IF YOU WANT IT, just to name a few. He also went through some of his oldies like Corduroy Dreams, 4 Seasons, and Sunflower. He even did a cover of Minnie Ripperton’s Loving You. 

Chess’s favorite songs were “loving is easy, because that was the first song that I ever liked by him…I did not listen to the new album before I went to the concert. But it was really cool to see him perform. 7am I like that one too. Yeah, I think those were the two that stood out to me the most.”

Bloye’s top three songs were “4 Seasons…KEEP IT UP…and Pluto Projector.”

During the concert, there were many moments to remember. Not only did he touch the hearts of fans, but he also created an intimate memory for the people who attended. 

“The highlight of the night was definitely whenever Rex told us all to put all our phone cameras away, and just to be there and have that experience with him. I thought that was the best part of the night because it was just so intimate and, like, it was just so cool for us to just all be there, like, really there, no phones like nothing. Just in the moment, like experiencing Rex…I loved how he was like, ‘Should’ve found a way. They didn’t buy a ticket, then that’s on them.’ I was like, period.” Chess reminisces. 

Bloye enjoyed the moment when beach balls flew from the balcony seats. Funny thing, Chess caught one but didn’t keep it. 

Riley Bloye. Courtesy Photo

“I can’t remember what song was playing. But whenever they brought the balls out, and there was like all the crazy lights and colors going on stage and everybody was hitting those balls around. That was really fun.” Bloye states. 

Chess states, “I did catch one of the balls and it had a signature on it, but I ended up giving it to my friend because I didn’t want it”. 

Rex concluded his set with WHO CARES, then gave the audience an encore with his hit song, Pluto Projector. 

For Bloye and Chess, the show was so good that they tried to convince both of their friend groups to travel out of state for another show. 

Bloye expressed, “I would totally see him again. He’s a great artist and a great performer. And it was a great concert.”

“Oh, definitely. No doubt about it. I wanted to go the next day. I was like, where’s the next concert? We gotta go.”, Chess said. 

After the show ended, the people swarmed the merchandise tables, concluding Rex Orange County’s time here in OKC. 

It’s unclear when Rex will release new music, nor is it known when he will return to Oklahoma. But announcing his arrival would send a spark all through the city.

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