Dr. Mautra Staley Jones

Throwing the first pitch at a baseball game is reserved for people of importance. 

In the past, at Major League Baseball games, celebrities, politicians, influencers and even presidents have thrown the first pitch at baseball games.

This year, when Oklahoma City Community College Alumni Association Night is held at the Oklahoma City Dodgers baseball game on Saturday, June 25, OCCC President Maurta Staly Jones will throw out the first pitch.

“I am willing to go out and represent OCCC and hopefully get the attention of some of our alums who are out there to say we want to hear from you, we want your stories, we want you to engage with the institution,” Jones said. “And I would love to be able to meet them and visit with them and visit with their families. So that’s really what this is in the spirit of. It is just a wonderful event that brings alumni along with their family members and connects them to the institution’s leadership.”

This event has been canceled for two years due to the pandemic, but now the Alumni Association Board of Directors has decided to bring it back. 

“We are so excited about the appointment of President Jones, therefore, when we [knew] we can invite a special guest to throw the first pitch, we want to invite her. She is the star of OCCC, and we would love to show our appreciation of her being supportive to the Alumni Association,” Zach Sumner, the President of OCCC Alumni Association, said in a press release. 

Juo Ting L. Jennings, Annual Giving and Alumni Coordinator at OCCC, helped plan the event. 

When thinking about who it should be, her mind immediately landed on Jones. 

“Dr. Jones is more than just a president. She is a person that the faculty, staff and students look up to. So that’s why I think she will be the best person to throw the first pitch and to represent OCCC,” Jennings told the Pioneer. 

Jones is a woman of many accomplishments. She has also spent her life helping people and giving back to the educational community. 

“I spent pretty much my entire career in nonprofit and education administration, and when I entered the higher education space, I really just fell in love with the shaping and molding of minds at this level,” Jones told the Pioneer. 

Alumni Association Night is a night where people who have the common background of OCCC can come together and talk. 

Sometimes you can meet old friends there, and sometimes you can meet new ones, but the night is always about having fun and making a positive impact towards OCCC. 

“We hope you will join us for OCCC Alumni Night at the OKC Dodgers featuring President Jones on Saturday, June 25 at 6:00 PM—let’s cheer loudly for President Jones, as she throws the first pitch!” the Alumni Association said in a recent email. “Bring your family and friends for our big celebration! Each ticket costs $25, which includes a Braum’s voucher, a $5 food or drink voucher, and a licensed OKC Dodgers hat.” 

Tickets to the event are available via the link below:

Juo Ting L. Jennings, Annual Giving and Alumni Coordinator at OCCC

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