Josh “Jaiye” Farrell. Photo by Michael Farrell.

This year RestART returned to OCCC as an interactive event. 

Students and faculty recently learned how to make a mural using spray paint from Josh “Jaiye” Farrell. 

Farrell is a local artist in Oklahoma City who helmed the RestART May 2 – 5 in OCCC’s parking lot. A tent was set up on the east side of the campus next to VPAC. 

The grant used to fund this project was provided by the Martin Family Foundation. 

All students and faculty were given an opportunity to learn how to make a mural. The murals will also be displayed in the Inasmuch Gallery all summer long. 

Farrell is someone who has always been very artistic. 

“I’ve always gravitated towards creative things. I’ve always been into sketching and drawing since I was a little back in daycare.” His style and methods started to change when he was around 10-11 when he started getting into things like Photoshop and video editing. Teaching people how to paint murals is an idea that Josh has been thinking about for a little bit now. “This is an idea and a concept that I have been thinking about. So when Jeremy reached out to me about doing it, I was actually very excited about it,” Farrell said. 

The RestART project is being funded by the Martin Family Foundation. 

They have provided grant money to OCCC to be able to fund these art projects.

“I try to get local artist involved as much as I can. So we can support the local arts and also have our students learn something outside of the norm,” Ceramics Prof. Jeremy Fineman said. 

The RestART project has allowed students to get hands on with various types of art over the years. This year students were able to learn some graffiti skills using various different styles. Also, it gave the chance to learn some more about the smaller details like tips and high/low pressure spray paint. 

The Martin Family Foundation was originally named The Florence Martin Foundation when it started back in 1991. It was named after Florence Martin as a way to honor his life. 

They have done work to support underprivileged communities and also projects that help women and children. They are also branching out into environmental and wildlife conservation projects as well. 

“Our mission now includes work in supporting environmental and animal conservation,” The website for the Martin Family reads.  

Since it was a creative event community members were invited to help create something original, it is a bit of a process but you will have Josh there to help you. 

Various colors were available for use.

There were also different kinds of tips that allowed those collaborating to be more creative with whatever they design. 

The RestArt project will be going for three days to give as many students and faculty the chance to try to learn the process behind creating a mural.

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