Jo Petit. Photo by Ashton Hare

Universities all across the world offer a wide variety of courses for students to take. 

One of the most popular studies to get a degree in is psychology. Psychology can be a difficult degree to earn, especially when the course gets into the Masters or PhD level. 

A psychology degree is widely rewarding, especially for people who have a love of making a difference. 

According to the California University of Pennsylvania’s website “a degree in psychology opens up many opportunities to have a positive effect on someone’s life.” 

With a degree in psychology people can pursue all types of careers that can help people. These careers would include psychiatrist, social worker, mental health counselor, case manager and others. 

All these careers and more are areas where people are in a position to help others. 

Oklahoma City Community College offers a great psychology program for its students. 

Jo Petitt, an alumni from OCCC, got their psychology degree from the college back in 2019. 

“I had a really good psychology teacher in high school, who really inspired a passion for me. I started attending OCCC and I was undecided for a very short time. But I figured you know, I had that passion from high school for psychology, so I decided to stick with it,” Petit said.  

Colton Hare, another OCCC alumni, is also currently pursuing a degree in psychology. After Hare graduated from OCCC he continued his education at the University of Central Oklahoma. 

“I couldn’t really figure out one that I liked, and then I just remembered some of the classes I liked at OCCC was psychology and then the one that I really liked in high school was psychology as well. So I just decided to get a degree in that,” Hare said.  

Hare is currently in his Masters and is pursuing a forensic psychology degree. Forensic psychology is relatively new in the psychology field, but it is still popular. In broad terms, the degree specializes in the relationship between human psychology and the criminal justice system. 

OCCC is a community college so it mainly focuses on undergraduate courses. However, once the student picks their career path more of their scheduled classes lean more towards that degree.

One of the best parts about OCCC is that, unlike large four-year universities, it is smaller and more connected with its students. OCCC is more hands on campus and accommodating to its students. According to Petitt, OCCC is “such a different environment from formal university crap. It’s so nice. I felt like the professors were a lot more approachable.” 

There are many reasons to pick OCCC instead of a bigger university. Hare picked OCCC because “I didn’t waste too much money. I was able to get out of OCCC with very minimal debt, instead of having to take a bunch of those classes for a much higher price. All the teachers were just as good.” 

Oklahoma City Community College has a great program for students to start their education journey into the psychology field. Not only is the university affordable, but the professors are willing to help their students and the college connects with their applicants better than a larger campus.

Colton Hare. Photo by Ashton Hare

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