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Have you visited our Student Affairs department lately? You may have, and just didn’t realize it. 

Oklahoma City Community College’s Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Chris Snoddy said the college has vast resources in its commitment to students.

“Student affairs is a critical component of the higher education experience,” according to the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators. 

Student Affairs is just one of the college’s divisions that supports students. 

According to Snoddy, the mission of Student Affairs is to meet the students where they are, both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Snoddy said Student Success Advising is one of the most important pin drops on the road to success. 

“When you come in, you want to know what’s my map, how do I get to graduation?” Snoddy said. “How do I get all the credits that I need to transfer to a four-year university, what’s going to lead me to my Associate’s?” 

Snoddy said OCCC’s Student Success advisors are specially trained to be in tune with students and are committed to alerting students when they get off track, connecting them with the resources that they need, but especially letting them know that they’re supported. 

This multi-dimensional division offers resources that even Snoddy wishes he would have taken advantage of when he was a student.

Student Affairs has modernized its approach with students. 

OCCC has partnered with several transportation companies, like Uber and bus company Embark, to provide students opportunities to attend school without worrying about how they’ll get there, and at no charge.

Recreation and Fitness, another extension of Student Affairs, isn’t only a fitness facility but also connects students with the OCCC Food Pantry and Clothes Closet. They’ve connected with the Regional Food Bank and received regular donations from community resources to establish the OCCC Food Pantry and Clothes Closet. 

“You shouldn’t expect to purchase anything, you go in, you take what you need,” Snoddy said, reiterating that these services are free for students. 

These student-centric focus hopefully removes the stigma from students that are struggling and need help. Times are difficult, and these hidden gems need to be exposed. 

“We’re trying to seek ways to help our students each and every day,” Snoddy said. 

OCCC Student Affairs also finds success through creating partnerships with high schools, like the Pathways program and TRIO Upward Bound, a federally funded grant program that helps students cross the bridge from high school to college. 

OCCC is also realizing success at the rate at which high school students are simultaneously receiving diplomas and associate degrees.

“I think ultimate success for us outside of graduation is helping students to enjoy their journey while they’re here,” Snoddy said.  

To accomplish that, Student Affairs is making sure that students are connected to the right people, with the right resources.

Your mental health and overall wellness are also concerns for Student Affairs. Third-party counseling, veterans’ services and recreation and fitness are just a few of the services provided to support students and steer them toward graduation.

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