Curtis Bell

Some people think it is too late for them to think about their education or going back to school. 

One student at Oklahoma City College shared his thoughts about being an older student. 

Curtis Bell is studying graphic art as a major at OCCC. 

Q. What is your name and how old he was and how long has he been a student at Oklahoma City College?

A. “My name is Curtis Bell Jr I am 38 years old I been at OCCC for 2 years.”

Q. Do take class on campus or online?

A. “I am an art major some of my classes I got to take on campus but most of the I take online.”

Q. How is the online classes going for you?

A. “They are going pretty good you know I ain’t got no complaints.”

Q. Do you like that better than traditional?

A. “Yeah I like the online better you can take your time doing work your not in class you don’t have that pressure.”

Q. What would you say to anybody else that’s older trying to go back to school?

A. “My perspective it never too late to try keep going never give up.”

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