Khi Davis

If you walk the halls near the OCCC Pioneer news office, you’ll see signs that read” OCCC Pioneer More Than 40 Years of Facts.” 

That’s history and tradition, staff writers and journalism students contribute to this weekly publication, they’re learning professional writing habits and informing their fellow students, staff, and nearby communities along the way.

Khi Davis, Pioneer Fashion and Entertainment Editor, says it’s important to have a place to express yourself, and he’s able to do that at OCCC’s student produced news publication. 

“Working at the Pioneer, it’s honestly a really nice experience because I’m able to write about whatever and possibly reach out to an audience,” Davis said.  

Davis said the Pioneer is important. 

“OCCC is special the way we all work at the Pioneer, we always have to find a way to have OCCC involved with it,” he said. “So it’s like it’s showing how the community can branch out to many other communities and have an impact on Oklahoma’s culture.”  

According to Davis the Pioneer audience is anyone and everyone who cares about the OCCC community. 

He just finished his freshman year at OCCC, but he seems to already have instilled ‘The 40 Years of Facts’ mantra.

“Student newspapers are important staples of their communities that provide a unique opportunity to hold people accountable, and we need to make sure they can keep doing that for years to come,” according to the Daily Nebraskan. 

While making free pancakes to celebrate students during Finals, Spencer Hui-min Ryan, Director of International Recruitment and Admissions talked about the importance of the Pioneer and what the publication means to OCCC.

“It’s very informative, we get lots of updates of what’s happening on campus.” Ryan also said he enjoyed finding student events and special issues.

The Pioneer is local and trustworthy. The writers behind the stories look like you, they’re learning with you, and they’re committed to keeping you and the community informed. 

Student newspapers and magazines increase engagement and set a positive tone for open dialogue and expression.

The writers at the Pioneer collaborate as a team to produce the publication. They run about 500 copies at production with OCCC’s print shop. A lot of thought goes into the finished product that you see. Not only do they prep for the magazine, but they also prepare it for digital platforms. 

As all things become modern, the Pioneer continues to keep up with the times.

 Spencer Hui-min Ryan, Director of International Recruitment and Admissions. Photo by Cherrisa Milton

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