As a college student sometimes you can have a lack of experience when it comes to trying to find a job. 

Even if you do find a job you might have to deal with a supervisor that has unreal expectations. A job and going to school can be demanding at times, especially when you have a full college workload.

According to the OCCC’s Human Resources careers website, everyone that works for OCCC plays an important role on the team. With a goal in mind to help students reach their full potential in academics. They even have work-study programs that help students with giving the jobs and skills for professional job placement.

Stephanine Martinez is a student at the University of Central Oklahoma who works in OCCC’s Writing Center. 

“I major in English and I’m just doing the experience here. Yeah it has to be like As, and Bs, and English comp I English comp II I believe,” Martinez said. 

According to OCCC’s Writing Center webpage some students even take jobs at the writing center where they tutor other students with writing assignments. 

The Writing Center not only has tutors but they also have computers. 

Students can sit down and start writing an assignment and if they get stuck can always raise their hand and a tutor will come and help you get out of the jam.

“I really like this job. I gain experience out of it. Of teaching students here and it just makes me happy when they understand the assignments,” she said. 

Martinez said she had to work hard to get where she is.

“I wasn’t really good at English. When I first started in high school but then after experience and here at OCCC and then learning here for two years I was able to get an experience so just try it out and see how it goes,”Martinez said. 

Sameer Baral is studying computer science at OCCC. He has been a student at OCCC for almost four months. He is also a student worker. 

“It’s been like almost four months since I’ve studied here,” he said. “So, I get to learn a lot of technical skills from my advisors. All the seniors they’re talking a lot about their job and how to run through an office.” 

Baral works at the financial aid office helping students get their FAFSAs done at Oklahoma Community College. 

He said the best thing about his job is the schedule. 

“You have to maintain your studies and you’re going to have to be able to manage your time and keep up with the schedule to be able to work in this place. It’s not a great job but it’s a job that requires a lot of effort and quite a lot of your time,” he said.  

Baral has advice for other would-be student workers. 

“I would like to advise is that find a job that you think its going to help you in the future. So you going to raise your experience by just going to raise your experience so it will help you to be able to put that on the resume. So you have a better bio data I guess,” he said. 

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