Samantha Blehm. Photo by Luis Ramos

A: Hi my name is Samantha Blehm and I’m from Moore, Oklahoma. 

Q: So…. My first question for you I have is what program did you enroll at? 

A: In the nursing program.

Q: And what made you choose the school because there’s a lot of nursing programs all throughout the state, why OCCC specifically?

A: Well OCCC actually ranked number one in the nursing program in all of Oklahoma last semester and so it’s a smaller school and you have more of a one to one experience with the professors so I think that would be really beneficial for me especially as nursing is a very hard program to get through.

Q: And how long does this program last? 

A: So it’s a cheer program. It’s four semesters and after the program ends you take the end clicks.

Q: Before we started, you were telling me a lot about your life does anything.. in your own experience or just anything at all like have any influence…towards you to make this decision?

A: To go to nursing school?

Q: Yes.

A: I feel like all of my life I’ve been a nurturing person, a caregiver, and I feel like nursing was a destiny for me to go into so yeah, I’m glad OCCC can be there to provide this experience for me. 

Q: Just my last question I have is. So just what are the goals afterwards… Do you want to continue being a nurse?

 A: Yeah so I plan to become a surgical nurse and after two years of experience I want to start doing trout… traveling nursing and after I am finished with that I plan to go back to school get my nurse practitioner license and open up a clinic. 

Q: Well that’s all the questions I’ve had for you today. I really hope your aspirations come true. Thank you once again for letting me interview you.. letting me ask these questions and yeah.