Talonne Johnson, Professor of EMS

The Emergency Medical Science department at Oklahoma City Community College is a fantastic program for students who want to learn about the immediate care practices that go into treating patients. 

The program also aids students by providing certificates to those who are wanting to branch out in the medical emergent care industry.

EMS ranges from vigorous hours of studying course material to hands-on practice to be better equipped for situations. 

One EMS professor at OCCC is keen on teaching them. 

“The most challenging part of the EMS classes are learning how to manage your time so you can get everything completed on time and get proper studying done”, Johnson said. 

According to the National Emergency Medical Services (https://www.ems.gov/), EMS embodies an intricate system that serves to coordinate and act in seamless treatment. Showing that having the ability to want to learn and having that drive, is needed to keep pushing forward. 

OCCC student Braeden Schier, expressed his desire to go forward with his decision to take EMS classes during the summer. 

“I’m looking forward to the challenge of it and just learning and doing something new that I haven’t done or experienced,” Schier, stated with delight. “I’m looking into being a firefighter at either Oklahoma City or Norman. One of those two fire departments, somewhere smaller that would be fun to just start out.”

That is one of the great benefits that the program has to offer because it isn’t just tailored to one job title, but the doors are open to more than one possibility. And with a success rate of 100% in 2019, passing the required written exam is feasible with the right attitude, according to OCCC (https://www.occc.edu/health/emt/). Schier, for this reason, is really grateful for the opportunity and services provided within OCCC. 

“Just by taking the course and gaining the knowledge, the experience, you know. The hands-on kind of stuff that I’ll get from that, that’ll help me as a kind of a prerequisite because a lot of departments may not require you to have it before you apply or as you apply, but you have to get at least basic EMT within a year of being hired or else they’re going to cut you, so it will help and OCCC will help me just by setting the foundations of what I need to have a long and hopefully really successful and good career,” Schier said. 

For Schier and students alike, the program at OCCC will certainly create a learning environment to accelerate students’ ability to gain the insight needed to be in this field. 

The program will keep nurturing the skills of current and future students down the road, with the ultimate goal of being able to provide students with the tools and customs to acquire the job they want. The EMS program accomplishes just that with the help of professors like Johnson, who will make sure that students have the right industry standards and qualities in order to put them in a successful spot. 

Braeden Schier

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