Sylvia Howell

It’s getting hot out here. So people can wear smaller clothes. 

Spring is officially here and the seasonal fashion transition is in effect.

The winter season was full of long-sleeves, sweaters, and sweatpants. Now that it is warmer outside, people can now dive into shorts and t-shirts. Although, it is still chilly some days. Either way, people know to dress their best for this new season of 2022. 

To start off, manager of the OCCC Coffee Shop, Sylvia Howell pulled up to work in a flame-patterned black and white split sweater with some black and white split leggings and some Doc Martens (one being black, the other being white) and tied it all together with red accents in her makeup and on her heart choker. 

When it comes to choosing her outfits, she likes to stand out. 

“Well, all I do is wake up and then think about how I’m gonna look different today…being centric is the look I go for,” she expresses. 

For spring, certain articles of clothing become more of a necessity for the season. Normally, spring is a little bit warmer than what is currently, so the ideas may shift a bit, but the fashion transition has changed since wintertime. 

Student Store worker and OCCC Student Jacqueline Velez is seen rocking the throwback OCCC merchandise with some mineral-wash leggings and some Adidas NMDs and finishing the fit with a black cardigan. Her decision on her clothing for the day is based on waking up late, along with matching her “monochromatic aesthetic style”. 

“The lack of time is what inspired me to pick this outfit…This is one of my go to quick outfits because it matches and it’s really easy,” she states. 

Honestly, that’s pretty relatable. Even though she didn’t have the time, she still flexes her coordination skills. 

Complimenting her fit, Velez also believes that cardigans are a full necessity for the spring weather. 

“Cardigans are a must. But for the springtime specifically, any type of cardigan…long cardigan, short cardigan…People use cardigans for business, for casual wear…I think it’s a very overall unisex article of clothing…works on all occasions,” she expresses.

Howell believes sandals and skirts make good use throughout the spring, along with varying accessories that can complete an outfit. 

“For spring, I would say sandals and flip flops. Skirts are nice…Even using sunglasses…Accessories make an outfit – necklaces, bracelets, anything,” she said. 

Everyone shops differently, even though the people may visit the same places. Some eyes may catch the same clothes as others, but not everyone looks for the same items. 

Howell and Velez both like to shop for deals and even go thrifting at times, but they each dress and shop differently. 

For instance, Howell shops at Ross and likes to “go to thrift stores.” She gazes at “anything in the black aisle.”

On the other hand, Velez shops at a variety of places when she gets the chance. She is “all about modest fashion,” and stores like H&M help her find the best clothes for her taste. 

“I buy some things on Fashion Nova, but some of it is a little too revealing…I go to Walmart if I find a good deal…I love Target…I do thrift…So just kind of anywhere I can get a good deal on something that’s pleasing to me,” she expresses. 

Speaking of shopping, the OCCC Bookstore carries many fashionable pieces that represent the community. Velez, who works at the store cherishes some of the designs they carry, which include the shirt shown, along with a beige t-shirt made from soft cotton. 

Velez states, “we get new stuff every now and then.”

This allows the student body to represent the school as they please, since they carry a variety of merchandise. 

The question that revolves but is yet to be acknowledged: What is the spring fit for 2022? 

In most cases, people pick out outfits based on how they feel or what they got going on. Some even dress specifically in accordance to the weather. 

Howell believes “It just depends on the mood”.

“[M]ost of the time for spring, I try to look for something brighter. So like, adding white to my black attire is kind of like me being a little bit more brighter…Also, like red eyeshadow and red lipstick to go with the black and white…Just a little bit of color,” she expresses. 

Velez feels the same way, but she sees her fashion taste more like phases, which “transitions every five years.”

“I guess it depends…every year fashion changes. You got spring 2022. But spring 2021, my outfits were different…I guess that’s kind of like my thing right now: flared pants with cardigans. But also, I really like three quarter sleeved blazers, Blazers with three quarter sleeves…It’s really, it’s really easy to dress it up and dress it down…that’s what I’m kind of obsessed with.” she said. 

As is common knowledge, everyone has different perspectives and everyone appeals to clothes differently. Whether it’s dressing for an occasion or just showing off your style, or even just going for comfort, every outfit has a different origin. 

Howell likes to dress for style, but overall, she aims to express herself, and to remain cozy while she strides.

“I’m more about style, I would say just like dressing up and expressing yourself and your clothes..also whenever I’m at work, I want to be cozy.”

For Velez, she doesn’t worry much about the occasion or style factors. Whether it’s cozy and loose or if it’s active and fitted, she prefers comfort with a dash of style. 

“It has a little bit more to do with style. But mine is more about comfortability. Like if I’m comfortable in it, I’m gonna wear it…depending on how I’m feeling, I guess I’ll take both. Typically I prefer more loose clothing.”

For what spring has to bring, some are looking forward to the warmer weather, while some might have preferred the cold. As the spring fashion transition takes its role in society’s revolution, the cold weather begins to fade and people continue to express themselves with more adaptive articles of clothing. 

Although Oklahoma hasn’t reached a steady warmth, it is still approaching –– only when the people least expect it. 

Jacqueline Velez. Photo by Khi Davis

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