The Oklahoma region does not carry Ukrainian fashion; brands like Paskal and KSENIA SCHNAIDER have a more direct and convenient presence on Instagram.

War can take a lot away from life. Even the things that are necessities for survival. 

Ukraine has faced many hardships recently as a result of the war with Russia. The invasion has caused more than 3 million Ukrainians to evacuate the country and has left most of the country suffering through chaos and destruction. 

Through these tough times, many organizations have made it possible to support Ukraine and recognize their culture. 

One part of their culture is their unique taste in fashion. 

Considering these are foreign clothes, they will run a bit more pricey than typical American shopping. The Oklahoma region does not carry Ukrainian fashion; brands like Paskal and KSENIA SCHNAIDER have a more direct and convenient presence on Instagram. 

Surprisingly, Ukrainian fashion hasn’t always had much of a presence in daily culture. Although it is not available locally, there are many different ways to support Ukrainian fashion designers. 

Fellow student and student store worker Jacqueline Velez was recently informed about the different Ukrainian brands. Although there wasn’t anything in particular that caught her eye at first, she would still enjoy supporting the culture.

“I said earlier, I’m Muslim so I would have to be a lot more creative with how I wear the clothing…If it was something that was really attractive to my eye, yeah I would support it,” she said. 

In the same sense, AEH Division Assistant Rochelle Mosby would support the fashion designers as well. After giving a glance at the clothing websites, she noticed a pair of jeans that caught her attention. 

“There’s one that has a fringe on the leg but it kinda follows the muscle of the leg instead of it just being straight down the side. I really like that,” Mosby said. 

There may be locations across America that carry Ukrainian designs, but Oklahoma has yet to reveal a place that honors and supports the culture. 

Arts, English, and Humanities Division Assistant Rochelle Mosby (Photo by Khi Davis).

Designers all throughout Ukraine have gained recognition from many news outlets. 

As described by Vogue, the brand Paskal focuses on the “airy, feminine aesthetic” with its modernized style and various 3D fabric-based designs. 

For a more unisex-targeted designer brand, Ksenia Schnaider carries “edgy” streetwear-styled clothes, featuring fashion that has artistic value. 

According to Oprah Daily, Schnaider is “most well known for their avant-garde denim pieces”.  Some of their pieces, like their patchwork denim products, are made from up-cycled materials. 

The lack of peace in Europe has caused a lot of stress on Ukraine and their people. Between refugees being moved around to distant locations, a lack of resources and many innocent lives being taken, Ukraine is in serious need of support. 

According to an interview from i-D Magazine with ‘Paskal’ founder and creative director, Julia Paskal, she says the best way to support the Ukrainian fashion community during this time is “to promote the designers and place orders.” 

In reality, fashion isn’t a necessity in war, but as long as today’s geopolitical issues are given attention, fashion has the ability to bring a positive light to the devastation of nations.

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