Q. You have experienced both online schooling and classroom instruction, which method did you like best?

A. For my learning style, I find online classes to be more beneficial.

Q. Which method would you say benefited you more?

A. I would have to say the online courses have proved to be more beneficial for my college experience.

Q. Which method do you think is a better fit for learning?

A. It is hard for me to decide which learning route is better, for some online courses proves to be more beneficial, while in-person classes are more beneficial to others. 

Q. Do you think you are getting the same level of instruction online as in a classroom setting?

A. I think both types of instruction does provide the same level of education.

Q. What academic achievements do you hope to accomplish by the time you graduate?

A. After years of college, I hope to be able to walk away with my degree in B/S of Psychology.

Q. What is your major?

A. I am majoring in Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Q. Why did you choose to major in Psychology?

A. I chose Psychology because I have always wanted to help others that have struggled in similar situations as myself. To where I can provide more assistance to them in overcoming the obstacles.

Q. Why did you choose OCCC?

A. Originally, I had no care to attend school again, let alone college, but I was convinced to try my hand at college with someone I know.

Q. How did you come to learn about OCCC?

A. I came to learn about OCCC through Cynthia Homan. She was also the one to convince me to give college a try.

Tabitha Wolfe. Photo by Cynthia Homan

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