Pathways Middle College has started a new archery program here at OCCC. 

Pathways is the institution that is running the program. 

Pathways Middle College is on the OCCC campus and provides a college experience to students in grades 9-12. 

OCCC is giving them a space to meet and practice. 

This is also the archery program’s first year. 

The program is being run by Michael Elizondo. 

He has just recently entered the professional side of archery. He does have respect for the practice as a hobby and a sport. 

“There are no boundaries, there are all kinds of people when you go to competitions,” he said.

Elizondo put a lot of emphasis on how it’s a sport anyone can get into. He wanted all of the students that were at his first practice to know that it’s something that anyone can get into. 

“Most people would see it as a specialty thing, but it’s really accessible,” Elizondo said. 

The program has only just started, but there are already 30 to 40 students who have signed up. 

Since the program only recently began, students are unable to get into competitions for the year. 

Elizondo is planning on getting the students involved in competitions as soon as he can with the aim of competing in state competitions including all ages. 

All members of the archery program will be able to take part in these competitions once they are scheduled. 

Elizondo reported that students seemed eager to get started. They are only getting started, but we will be able to see what they can do and learn. 

Elizondo has been a teacher at Sante Fe South since 2016. He teaches math and video. He was teaching in Texas before he came to Oklahoma. He was also a youth pastor while he lived in Texas. Elizondo also recently joined the Oklahoma Army National Guard and will also be training on the East Coast for the next few months.

Pathways Middle College is a charter school that assists students based in the Oklahoma City Public Schools District. 

It is part of the Santa Fe South Charter School District. They are the largest charter school in the state and are one of the largest in the region. 

There are about 1,300 students across their three high school campuses. 750 in their 6th grade middle school sector, and 1470 between their three elementary schools and their early childhood center. OCCC is their single authorizer.

Michael Elizondo started the archery program at Pathways. Photo by Michael Farrell 

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