Prof. Don Russell and Prof. Jeremy Fineman. Photo by Khi Davis

Location: Visual and Performing Arts Center Room 107

Time: Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2022, at 12:20 p.m. (CT)

Event: “Artists in the Making” 

What is art? 

Truly, there is no definition because it always changes. 

Everyone sees art through their own perspective, which allows Fine Arts culture to remain diverse. OCCC’s art club “Artists in the Making” embodies this description. 

The mind behind the club comes from Jeremy Fineman, Coordinator of Visual Arts, along with newcomer and collaborator Don Russell, Professor of Theatre. 

Fineman ran the club for a few years and reached out to Russell about “helping out with the club.” 

“I thought maybe the performing arts would be a nice match to take the arts club to a new level. Combining the visual arts and the performing arts”, Russell states. 

This is the first year O-Trip is uniting the programs into the club. 

Fineman agrees and believes in the influence of collaboration.

“I think artists thrive with other artists”, he says. 

He sees a significant connection between “camaraderie and inspiration.” 

As Artists in the Making begins to rise, the real hype is behind the union of arts. Anything is possible with a team. 

AIM is all about the network between students. With many artists coming from different backgrounds and having various ways of expressing themselves, why not try something new? 

Fineman recalls, “It was initially put on pre COVID…kinda fell apart during the strike”. They’re now “trying to revamp it”. 

The motion behind this club is powered by the students. There are many perspectives of art, so AIM likes to keep the vision wide open. Fineman and Russell maintain their roles as resources for the students so they can access any tools they need. 

“We want it to blossom on its own organically. We’re just here to facilitate those needs.” Fineman states. 

Russell states, “We can be there as a resource, offer input from our experiences throughout our careers. But as a whole, the hope is for students to come up with interesting ideas and projects…and build a community within themselves that can go beyond just their time at OCCC”.

AIM serves as a creative outlet for the students at O-Trip. Even though someone may not classify themselves as a painter or a rapper or actress, these are all able to define what an artist is. 

Fineman sees art as “an itch that needs to be scratched.” 

Any student at OCCC can join.

The first meeting will be held Wednesday, Feb. 23.

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