The man pictured above is accused of inappropriately touching students at OCCC.

Recently, a couple of alarming incidents have been reported through the Oklahoma City Community College Campus Timely Warnings alert system that has caused angst and worry among students and faculty members. 

The incidents involved a man who has been reportedly asking for hugs from female students on OCCC’s campus. Two females consensually hugged the man, but then reported the encounter to OCCC PD.

In a separate incident, the same man non-consensually kissed an underaged female and then made lewd remarks to and about her body. 

OCCC Police Chief Daniel Piazza declined to comment on what the suspect said to the underaged female, as the OCCCPD did not want to provide information that would potentially re-victimize the victim. 

Piazza and the OCCC police force have been investigating the complaints and quickly sent the Timely Warnings alert, informing the OCCC community of the man’s presence and steps to take if the man is seen on campus in the future. 

“In situations like these, OCCC PD issues a Timely Warning, informs victims of their rights, and posts suspect information on campus bulletin boards,” Piazza said. 

Piazza confirmed, as stated on the Timely Warning, both incidents took place on January 25, 2022. 

Piazza noted that the underaged girl who was non-consensually kissed was a visitor to the campus, and she had reported the incident involving her encounter with the man to the OCCC Police together with the other two female students. 

“OCCC PD has no knowledge of the suspect being on campus since the date of the report,” Piazza said. 

Piazza said that if the suspect was apprehended on campus, he would be taken to the Oklahoma County Detention Center, located in Oklahoma City. 

He additionally confirmed that bulletins have been posted around campus warning the OCCC community about the mysterious man. 

Piazza is asking that if anyone sees suspicious activity on campus, they should contact the OCCC police station directly. 

“Report any suspicious activity to the OCCC Campus Police Department immediately at (405-682-7872),” Piazza said. 

As of the writing of this story, the suspect has not been apprehended. 

If you have any additional information, please contact the OCCC PD as soon as possible. 

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