Ashton: What is your name? 

Kai: My name is Khai Huynh. 

Ashton: Why did you choose OCCC? 

Kai: OCCC for me…because I love the community college. It is cheap to go to a community college, but I also love the environment. Because here we can talk to each other and communicate with each other a lot better than at a university. I also study at OU and I think that they have a distance between the students, but here I don’t feel that distant. 

Ashton: Why are you attending journalism classes? (I forgot that this was the outside interview so I asked this question) 

Khai: I’m not. 

Ashton: Sorry, you were in the class so I thought you were. So why were you in the journalism class today? 

Khai: I am working for the Pioneer newspaper and we do routine meetings so that is why I am in the class. I am also helping people recording and with the speaker. 

Ashton: So are you a media student? 

Khai: I am actually an IT student. 

Ashton: So what do you do as an IT student? 

Khai: My specialty is web design and development. I am working for the Pioneer as an online editor so I am taking care of the website and sometimes I develop web content for the Pioneer such as, you see those features we have on the website that’s what we have been working on the whole semester. 

Ashton: What is your favorite part about working for the Pioneer? 

Khai: I think that you can talk to people and get to know people and they have different stories and some of them are really interesting. You know we have a team here and we communicate really well. 

Ashton: Do you work outside of OCCC? 

Khai: Yes, I also work for a restaurant. I work on the weekends only, so that is all I work. 

Ashton: How long have you been going to college? 

Khai: I’ve been going to college since 2015. I have switched majors. I have also gotten a two year degree and then I came back here and tried to get another two years. I am also working on my four year degree at OU and I have almost graduated. 

Ashton: What would be your dream job? 

Khai: Working as an IT guy at a big tech company such as Google, Facebook, or Apple. That is my dream, but I know I still have a lot of work to get that goal. 

Ashton: If you could travel anywhere, where would it be? 

Khai: England, the UK. 

Ashton: What interests you more, films or books?

Khai: I think films. 

Ashton: What is your favorite subject in college? 

Khai: Probably anything related to computers, because I am into computers. 

Ashton: What is your favorite food? 

Khai: I love noodles, spaghetti, anything noodles. Instant noodles, spaghetti, yeah.

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